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Emacs San Francisco Meetup Group

I just created an Emacs Meetup for Bay Area residents. There wasn't one of these, and I've wanted to meet more local Emacs users and am willing to shell out the 15$ a month to make it happen. I'm creating this meetup both as a way to pull more people in to this lovely little community known as Emacs, and to build my own skills and abilities.

I've created this lovely little workflow of mine, but I am coming to more of a loss on how to iterate on it, and how to make my world easier to reason about. Interacting with other Emacs users, both power users who can guide me towards more effective and efficient ways of working, and new folks who can help me explain just how my system is lacking, is a powerful thing, and something I often have trouble doing online.

For now, I'm thinking this meetup will be a format similar to the Oakland JS meetup group, which I absolute loved going to when I carved out the time to do it. An informal meetup, either weekly or biweekly at a local quiet venue makes for a great environment to discuss and make friends. In the long term, I imagine finding a regular event space which could host a presentation-style meetup on the off weeks.

Here's the URL again, it doesn't cost you anything to join, and I'd love to see folks come out.