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What am I Reading?

I spend a fair amount of time just reading things that interest me. As outlined in FSEM, I use Gnus as my primary method to consume newsletters, blogs, and media. I thought it would be interesting to dig in to the things that I read about the most, since Gnus gives me really good tools to introspect that, through its adaptive scoring system.

Webcomics, Art and Tumblrs

I subscribe to a fair amount of art blogs, though I am moving that more and more to Tumblesocks since the scoring aspect doesn't work quite so well in visual content like these.

Technology News and Blogs

Most of my reading comes from tech-centric medias. I try my best to avoid aggregate sites like Hacker News or Reddit, though I still keep front page RSS feeds for both.

  • Planet Emacsen is a bunch of Cool Emacs People (including yours truly) talking about Emacs libraries they maintain or use, and cool tips
  • /r/emacs is nice, though some would claim that it's mostly just EvilMode posts these days. It's not, and even if it was I'd be mostly okay with that.
  • Wisdom and Wonder is the blog of Grant Retke, an Emacser from who I pulled a lof the inspiration for FSEM. He blogs on a wide variety of topics, and seems like a super positive human being.
  • Fedora People is a bunch of cool stuff by and for Fedora users and developers.
  • The Bottom Feeder is Jeff Vogel's blog, the developer behind Spiderweb Software. He's responsible for some of the first games I've ever played, and I really like his style and opinions on game design and the industry as a whole.
  • is the Emacs user support mailing list and a great place to learn neat tricks.
  • gmane.emacs.devel is the Emacs development mailing list, also a great place to read about what's coming down the pipeline as well as some nice drama occaisionally.
  • gmane.emacs.orgmode is where most of the discussion around Org-Mode happens
  • is mostly about Wordpress CVEs, but there's also a lot of good discussion there.
  • is a great insight in to how brittle our critical infrastructure really is, and there's usually some good discussion on its sister discussion list.

Culture Blogs

  • Boing Boing is still a huge source of interesting things for me, though I have really had to train Gnus to pull out a lot of the less interesting things, since it's such a high-traffic blog.
  • Adafruit's Blog is super high traffic but they've always got need projects and the themed days make for a sort of ebb-and-flow that I can keep up with.