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Capture All EWW Buffers

Part of my Expansion technique is to just open a shitload of browser buffers throughout the day and pick through them in my IDLE times. EWW has basically no session support like emacs-w3m does, which is actually Okay given that that didn't serialize out to any format which I can sync between my workstations easily. Instead, I've crafted this function which uses my W buffer capture template to dump every EWW buffer to my refile.

On FSEM, I built a system to capture and kill my EWW buffers in to my Throughout the day, I end up with 20 or 30 EWW buffers for things I want to read at the end of the day, be them from Gnus, Twitter or IRC. I try to not get sucked in to reading them while I'm working, and so these things just get pulled in to a big mess of buffers. By pushing them in to and then killing them, I can force myself to properly clock time spent reading them, as well as making sure they eventually end up in my read list.

As an added bonus, to make this more sane, I wrote my first advice, behind that same URL1, to rename EWW buffers based on the page title; there's not any sort of "page finished displaying" hook in EWW like there is for w3m in w3m-display-hook, so I had to advise a function, which I did with the function that sets the <title> element on the page.



I should figure out a sane way to include these snippets directly in my posts, but for now, follow through to FSEM as the canonical location, since a lot of this changes often.