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Welcome POSSE Doha And Work Update

Cool, another POSSE. :)

Today, Mel and Sebastian started the long awaited POSSE Doha. I got some time tonight (this morning?) to hang out in IRC with some of the attendees, and it looks like they're in for an awesome week! Today we made wiki user pages on the TOS wiki for everyone. Yours truly didn't have a wiki page, for shame, and now I have the start of one, thanks to Bilal Zafar, from USC!

And, since we stick to our resolutions, I just sent the following to the commarch list, let's send it to the blag too!

#+BEGINQUOTE Last few days:

  • FUDCon
    • Helping the awesome ianweller with the welcome packet
    • Giving Ian hugs for being awesome with the welcome packet
    • Working on the one page printout that Robyn suggested we make so that folks flying in can have a quick overview of IMPORTANT INFO when they arrive at PHX.
    • FUDPub Playlist. It's awesome. 9h 40 minutes long, but it can still be culled down.
  • POSSE Doha remotee support
    • Blagging
  • GSoC
    • Blagging to get mentors
    • communicating with redhat-summer GoogleGroup

Next few days: Queso, my dad has this week off with me, and apparently wants to "do stuff". So, I can't really say what I will work on this week, just what I want to work on. For all I know, I could be skiing in northern arizona tomorrow.

Also, on Saturday I will move back in to my dorms. This includes putting my room back together, moving the beds in to place (grrr) and redecorating the place. So I may be bandwidth limited Satuday and Sunday. My birthday is monday, so, yeah. Dunno what that entails yet, probably will hang out with friends. So, Friday-Monday I will most definitely be limited bandwidth. And classes start on Tuesday the 18th. fun!


  • FUDCon
    • Finish the welcome packet
    • Finish and promote the onepage
    • Find vendor for posters locally. Want to be able to post posters and flyers around campus when I move in, or soon after. Time to get the word out!
    • Go to mall and buy my FUDCon team gifts. >:)
  • POSSE Doha
    • Be there for the doha'ers if they need support. Rrix on call. I've also struck a connection with Bilal Zafar, a fellow remotee from California. Want to keep that one going this week and see what we can make happen.
  • GSoC: Keep pestering for mentors. AFAICT, there is no schedule released for 2011. I'll probably ping carols about that this week.
  • Go get my swag that I left in the WC event box from rbergeron so I can decorate said team gifts.

[[$dayjob_2011_resolutions:_Ryan_Rix_edition%5D%5B1]: [$dayjob_2011_resolutions:_Ryan_Rix_edition]]