Free Project Ideas

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Free Project Ideas

Here's a running list of projects that I would like to see built, but don't have the time or energy or skill or care to do them.


Hackers the Movie the Game

Credit with Iliana Weller <>

An SNES ROM that follows the movie Hackers, specifically from Cyberdelia before Joey gets busted through to the end of the movie. Your goal is to avoid secret service while making Gill's life hell. Side scrolling game where you roller skate around a fictional New York (It's the city that never sleeps!)

If you beat the game you unlock the ability to skitch on a limo instead of roller skating around.




FUSE filesystem which exposes a git repo as a mount, where each write() is an add and each fsync() is a commit+push, and the commits are done through the github HTTP API


expose MPD database as a browsable filesystem


expose a postgres as a browsable filesystem


Non-computer Related

Alex Drones

A solar-powered drone with a downward facing speaker that LIBERATES the SHEEPLE by broadcasting THE TRUTH while flying over the streets of Oakland 24 hours a day.

Author: Ryan Rix <>

Created: 2019-10-06 Sun 14:09